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24-23 (Kobe, LeBron)

I'm just sittin here chillin with this rolly on my arm
What I paid for it, it should have came with an alarm
Yeah I'm tryin to fuck baby don't be alarm
Said I used to play Kobe, but now I play lebron
Kobe, lebron, kobe, lebron, yeah I used to play kobe, until I play lebron
Kobe, lebron, kobe, lebron 24, 23 yall niggas remember me

Yall niggas remember who, summer of 02
Came through in that white thang, they aint know what to do
They aint know what to think, I aint know how to feel
And I aint even have a deal then dawg lets keep it real
And while we at it nigga lets just keep it trill
Still the realest nigga in it homie how you feel?
Said I'm feelin like a million bucks
Make me go to foot locker buy about a million chucks

They say the club is off the chain,
I'm on my louie shit today damn some gucci mane
Bitch niggas still on my dick they like groupies mane
Can't keep their lips closed they worse than coochies mane
In that fruity looking stupid like some coogi mane
Let you trick me off these streets you must be stupid mane
Tell em this aint what he want not the boy snow
But between me and you I think the boy slow


Yall niggas remember that?
Money before rap?
Niggas round my way call me mister been had a sack
Them boys in the hood they call a nigga mister bring it back
Mister go and get it anyway you know where I keep a map
They say it's going down tonight I hope I make it back
They say they re-ing up tonight you know I'm lovin that
She said it's going down tonight you know I'm fucking that
And there aint no sense in searching me you know I'm buckin dat!

Uh oh
They say the club is off the chain,
Straight shots to the head damn some juice mane
Ask da real niggas in the city who got the juice mane
These niggas talking bout the work but where they proof mane?
Yall know these niggas really clown and I'm the truth mane
And this is what you going for what's the use mane?
Tell em this aint what they want not the boy snow
But between me and you I think them boys slow


Yall niggas remember when
I used to get it in
B.P. west end
Pull up with a light tint
Follow up in the spot
Blow about a light 10?
Blow about a light 10?
Hard and I'm light skinned
Couple hundred carats hard that's on my skin
You niggas get the picture while I write then
Pardon me the feds takin snap shots
Aint been here 30 minutes spent a half block

Uh oh
The club is still off the chain
Don't stop, where da after party mane?
Jizzle who you trying to invite, errbody mane
This is my summer and I'm killin errbody mane
So I'm gonna be in err hood airin out errbody
And I'm gonna be in err spot nigga and err party
See this is what they want yeah that boy snow
But between me and you I think them hoes no


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