Chuma - 2ADOLESCENTS Lyrics


Chuma-Lost Soul

I'm an addict to the lies
I'm a suicidal in disguise
All my life I've been caught up in denial
Welcome to my nightmare its riot
I'm a problem i know this
Drowning my sorrows depression im naueseos
Swimming through pools i know filled with caution
Narcisstic enough to know that i am gorgeuos
So i noticed
I thought i just might
Pimp A Butterfly i knew id be alright
Insecurities a puzzle in my life
Unlike Hellen Keller i can read between the lines
Dont you come outside
Dont you choose a side
Can't you see the signs
I am on the rise
Dont you look suprised
I am young, my mind tarnished
I was born, this progress
808s and Heartbreaks, now im heartless
Im prolly doing better then these artists
Im a force, im an issue you see
Deadly Alliance if you COPE with me
Im an element, im adamant, rap fanatic turned into a terrorist
This only genesis, I'm generous

Im a lost soul(x2)
Please take me home(x2)

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