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2paid 2paid need a new K
New babe new fade nigga new wave
New way this way if you want cake (bling)
Don't play don't play I'm just 2 paid (bloaw)

(Verse 1)

And you know just how we rockin (u know)
You ain't really on the block and (nah)
You aaint never finna pop one (bow)
I be makin hoes go dumb
Shit ain't really what it seem no more
Niggas turnin into feins for doe
I be only bout my team you know
I been mosey since a minute ago (back then)
Ask yo hoe these bitches know now (yes they know)
That's why I seen them at the shows now
Imma put on for my home town
If you frontin you get knocked down

(Verse 2)

Imma get fresh today
Wit niggas I swear they gon spray
Not free yes you gon have to pay
So save dat for another day
I do what these niggas lyin bout
Get yo money up I'm askin niggas what they cryin bout (cryin bout what)
Walk up in the mall and you know I had to buy it out
Faced another wood now I'm really really flyin out (gas)
A nigga bout his bucks
A nigga really blowin up
Yes you know what's up
When I pop out the cut

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