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3 Freaks (Droop-E Remix)

(Uh Oh!)
(Back again y'all)
(It's the remix!)
(4 Freaks Bay Area style!)
(Come on!)

[Keak da Sneak:]
Keak Sneak and a... Turf Talk and a...
Dos in the trunk and you gon' get the shit
If you think it's almost over it's not
If you don't know what I'm saying it don't matter just don't bite it aight
I pulled up, jumped in the scraper
Me no pay for nothin' I'm spending a bitch's paper
Thigh, leg, wing, my nigga an' no biscuit
Got the star strut, hey Turf, look at these chicks

[Mistah FAB:]
Eenie meanie miney mo
Mamas, I need a ho
Black, white, brown, Asian, even a Belizean, bro
Freak like [?], my dick is a Mayflower
Every minute, every second, oh did I say hour?
I don't wife 'em, I one-nights 'em
Keep it trilly trill, keel, I don't like them
Hit like a Mack truck
Go dumb and I act up
You too close boy, back up
[?], that's us
Sick wid it
Mackers, pimps, skillets and masters
Movie stars, ballplayers, bosses and actors
No fakin' and frontin' 'cause ain't no flukin' and jivin'
Need a freak a leak
Gimme head when I'm driving
It's Mistah FAB
The dummy retarded
Dude from the gutter and sewer it's the smoothest velour
Man it's FAB-E Leroy
Your boy gat go
The remix of Neat Freaks from my homeboy Shadow

Turf Talk and Keak Da Sneak
Droop-E and FAB
We need 3
Turf Talk and Keak Da Sneak
Man we need freaks
Start drummin' we comin' we goin' dumb and yellin' "woo!"

(You know what? That makes me mad)
(Uh oh)

[Turf Talk:]
Rock wit' it or not
If I can't get in the club... the club in the parking lot
I come mobbish
Keep a tree rag so my teeth won't tarnish
So they want hyphy
But if I jumped on top of your car you wanna fight me (Come here li'l boy! Get outta here)
Girl drive, don't look at the meter (Go, man, go!)
Talk hella loud in the movie theater (Shut the hell up!)
So what they from the hood
So what they from the hood
I know the pussy good good
I know the pussy good good
They used to say I had a weird flow
Look at 'em now
They handin me they demos
How 'bout you? You and your pot
Tires got beef they wanna burn the block up
Is that skim milk? Or even silicone
I got 3 freaks with room for one more


[Keak da Sneak:]
3 in the house Jack Tripper he had 2
But I keep something thick online like what it do
It's Keak Sneak, baby and did I mention I'm crazy
Even Joe can even see that you ever ever my lady
I got need and my wants is up to you poppin' tags
And believe me that 3 is better than two
So I oh I skeet straight figure 8 man
"3 freaks in the Firebird, headed for Brisbane!"

Droop-E, oh, man I'm so raw
So nacho grande, you damn taco
I'm from the turf where we treat freaks like dirt
Skeet skeet all in her skirt
Feels good
Pull my pants up and I'm back to the hood
And I ain't sayin' she a slut (Bay Area!)
But your girlfriend likes me (Light em up!)
I can tell like a rat's butt (Here we go!)
You know what's up wit' me
I go dummy
Droop-E get money, g
Seven on Seven streets
The Bay is back you B'z
You a hater
I put hella holes in your clothes you faker
I go [?]
And I'm still riding with a [?]
That'd make your shirt look like notebook paper



(Aight y'all, if you ain't got four 15s, do NOT be playing this! It's a slapper, baby)
(We goin' to all corners of the Bay wit' this one, y'all!)
(Ay mayne, I need the next American Top Model, mayne. The prettier they are, the quicker the drawers fall)
(Yes sir! Droop! Shadow! Keak! Yadada Turf! Yeehaw!)

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