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6 Foot 7 Foot

Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch

Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
Excuse my charisma, vodka with a spritzer
Swagger down pat; call my shit Patricia
Young Money militia and I am the commissioner
You no wan` start Weezy ‘cause the `F` is for finisher
So misunderstood, but what`s a world without enigma?
Two bitches at the same time; synchronized swimmers
Got the girl twisted ‘cause she open when you twist her
Never met the bitch, but I fuck her like I missed her
Life is the bitch, and death is her sister
Sleep is the cousin—what a fuckin` family picture!
You know Father Time, and we all know Mother Nature
It`s all in the family, but I am of no relation

No matter who`s buyin`, I`m a celebration

Black and white diamonds; fuck segregation!

Fuck that shit, my money up, you niggas just Honey Nut

Young Money runnin` shit, and you niggas just runner-ups

I don`t feel I done enough, so I`ma keep on doin` this shit

Lil Tunechi or Young Tuna Fish

Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch

Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch

I`m goin` back in…

Okay, I lost my mind, it`s somewhere out there stranded
I think you stand under me if you don`t understand me
Had my heart broken by this woman named Tammy
But hoes gon` be hoes, so I couldn`t blame Tammy
Just talked to Moms, told her she the sweetest
I beat the beat up; call it self-defense
Swear, man, I be seein` through these niggas like sequins
Niggas think they He-Men, pow, pow, the end
Talkin` to myself because I am my own consultant
Married to the money, fuck the world; that`s adultery
You full of shit, you close your mouth and let yo` ass talk
Young Money eatin`, all you haters do is add salt
Stop playin`, bitch, I got this game on deadbolt
Mind so sharp I fuck around and cut my head off
Real nigga all day and tomorrow
But these motherfuckers talkin` crazy like they jaw broke
Glass half empty, half full, I`ll spill ya

Try me and run into a wall; outfielder
You know I`ma ball `til they turn off the field lights
The fruits of my labor, I enjoy `em while they still ripe

Bitch, stop playin`, I do it like a king do

If these niggas animals, then I`ma have a mink soon
Tell `em bitches I say put my name on the wall
I speak the truth, but I guess that`s a foreign language to y`all

And I call it like I see it, and my glasses on
But most of y`all don`t get the picture `less the flash is on
Satisfied with nothin`, you don`t know the half of it
Young Money, Cash Money
Paper chasin`, tell that paper, "Look, I`m right behind ya"
Bitch, real Gs move in silence like lasagna

People say I`m borderline crazy, sorta kinda
Woman of my dreams, I don`t sleep so I can`t find her
You niggas are gelatin, peanuts to an elephant
I got through that sentence like a subject and a predicate

Yeah, with a swag you would kill for
Money too strong; pockets on bodybuilder
Jumped in a wishin` well, now wish me well
Tell `em kiss my ass, call it kiss and tell

Word to my mama, I`m out of my lima bean
Don`t wanna see what that drama mean
Get some Dramamine
Llama scream, hotter than summer sun on a Ghana queen
Now all I want is hits, bitch, Wayne signed a fiend
I played the side for you niggas that`s tryna front, and see
Son of Gun, Son of Sam, you nigga`s the son of me
Pause for this dumber speech, I glow like Buddha
Disturb me, and you`ll be all over the flo` like Luda
Bitch, I flow like scuba, bitch, I`m bold like Cuba
And I keep a killer ho, she gon` blow right through ya
I be mackin`, `bout my stackin`, now I pack like a mover
Shout to ratchet for backin` out on behalf of my shooter
Niggas think they high as I, I come laugh at your ruler
Cash Money cold, bitch, but our actions is cooler
Wayne, these niggas out they mind
I done told these fuck niggas so many times
That I keep them bucks steady on my mind
Tuck these, I fuck these on your mind, pause
To feed them, on my grind, did I get a little love
Keep throwin` my sign in the middle
Hit `em up, piece on my side
‘Cause ain`t no peace on my side, bitch
I`m a man, I visit urinals with pride
Tune told me to, I`m shootin` when the funeral outside
I`m uptown, thoroughbred, a BX nigga, ya heard? Gunna

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