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6 Foot 7 Freestyle

Papoose papoose
Im the greatest ever
Cakeing hella chasing devils wave beretas
Making fellas face dilemmas
Bake'em down to satan seller
Man i get it shaking with a rapper bet you they surrender
Stomp'em with the male ugg boots u can taste the leather
Let dice shake with tremors bet u i can try'em better
Headcrack ace'em never uhh uhh pay the cheddar
Master what u ain't remember
Champion like a lakers member
Colder than a late december
Hit the bank n shake the teller

Your girl be chasing niggas say she needs a babysitter
Sending me them naked pictures return straight to sender
Coming with a straight vendetta
You about as fake as .........
Banging since i play with sega
Eating since the regan era
Man im of the wall like street fighter play with vega
Got the nickel play whatever
You a bird ill flame your feathers
Im the crime ...... better find their protector
Run'em over on the track shoulda shine they reflectors
Im a wise brave inventor brooklyn mindstate projector
Quick to vibrate your section
Make the migrate respect us

Ever violate the mecca of the rhyme stays professor
Ill apply a place to pressure then annihilate your lecture
We tri state profectors with some high rate investors

While them guys pay for pleasure
We arrive take the treasure
Mush your pop face heffa off a sky scrapper n tell her you should try praying for better like the guy mase n betha
Im the .... day collector redefine the face of terror
Bring the helicopters out make'em fly they propellers
Life is like a game of chess while u guys playing checkers
Hesitate to smoke a dutch if the kind ain't Vanilla
Hustling bustling struggling juggling doubling
He's blundering mumbling fumbling
Suckers is stuttering

The ruckus i brung you is tuff as a puzzle is puzzling
Busting your bubble you stuck in a huddle they huddling
He rough and he mellow a thug or he thorough they wondering
Come to the burrel is such a rebudle ill muscle'em
Catch you on fulton n franklyn ill touch you and tuck it in
Come off the shuttle and run threw the tunnel im trouble son
Cutchu your blood in a puddle so sudden is floodering in front of your mom ...... ...... with a slug is discoloring
This grave is for you
I dug wit a shovel and shoved'em in
Death is become to you
Your soul is above you is hovering
Blood on my chucks he buckled
I chuckle im chuckleling
Im humble revenge I love you
He stumble i punished him
Your bones can tumble im thunderous
Since you say u wanna rumble in the jungle
The jungle go fucking . . . .

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