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[Verse 1]
If there's a fire in your kitchen
And when your roof just won't stop leaking
I got your back without you even asking
If I gotta whoop somebody's ass, I'ma do it with passion

And when it gets too dangerous
Know I'm never out of touch

Ain't gotta call 911, you can hit me up
Girl, you know I'm the one whenever you need something
An emergency, or when you just can't sleep
And I'll slide through for ya with that urgency

[Verse 2]
Might rock the boat, but don't panic
Might take you home to Atlanta
Might be rushin' in, but goddamn
Wanna know you like the back of both my hands
MMMBop the mmm like I'm Hanson
You're tall, dark, and I'm handsome
Grab something new, but old-fashioned
Lucky me, get to bРµ your man
Things don't go as planned (Oh no, no)
But who gon' save you like I can?

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