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2 Moods

Two moods, ooh

[Verse 1]
Mood swing like a Gemini
Promise I can handle both sides
Up and down on a wild ride
But that's just what we on
Stir it up and we get comfortable (Yeah)
At least we keep it unpredictable (Ah, ah, ah)
It's chaotic and it's wonderful
How can that be wrong?
I'd rather sleep on the sofa tonight (Ooh)
So I can slide back in, and make it all alright

Only got two moods
Either makin' love to you
Or goin' at it blowing my fuse
There's no in-between we only do extremes
We got two moods
Yeah, we probably got some screws loose
But that's the only way I want you
There's passion in the flames, girl, I need it that way (That way)

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Date Added: 2022-07-02
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