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A Millie Freestyle

Move coca cola no soda
Smoking potent aroma
Pull a loaded pistola and blow a hole in his shoulder
Mo shoulders we call us I told her
We showed that we bowed up my cultures culture
Yo dodga is chocha we showin the chauffers the
Rode to the coca we drovin the road but we
Brokin the road as we blow in the motor
They told us pull over we won't till we sober
Patrone and coronas could only console us
But no one control us you vultures now approach closure
I've chosen to overthrow yas expose ya like I'm
Supposed to you know the going is sober
So low and behold the throne hold the who
Hold the throne in the chocker till a dam
Throne walk in a coma my toaster and my
Holster slide closer you could die joker you
Niggas is bi polar and I fuck with the dogs
So we could get it on duke my nigga su woo
Like a woo tang law suit sharp with the pen
In the swore nigga pack a real boss can adapt
Open the doors to the lac walk in the corner
Store with a stack still rockin my shine while
Yours getting yapped keep em off the leash
Your jaw getting tapped cas if I saw sickem
The dogs will attack hell no they don't live
What they talk on them tracks them niggas is
Done I stuck a fork in them racks pulled up
On me with 4 4s in they laps full of ice grills I
Made a war with the mac mad at me cas you
See your girl is attached you stuck all stupid taken
Them shorts for your cracks shorties a mule
Homie she walks with my packs I dun sink
That broad the bost in the back wall full of
Plaques I get awards when I rap cas they applaud
If it's pap and I stay with the desert like a cactus
Homie it's on when I'm strapped try to run from
Me I put some thorns In your back (wenkster yule)?
Live what you talking your whack
These niggas is Birds
They wasn't born they was hatched

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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