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A Million

Soulja, Soulja
Damn man it's a movie man
You already know, S.O.D catch up

A million, A million A million
A million A million, money to the ceiling
A million A million A million, A million
A million A million, A million A million

A million stacked up, money by the case
Got them m's up, baught a house by the lake
Dared a fuck nigga to get used to this guap
Thumbing through the check and this shit won't stop
Thumbing through the check, riding in a foreign whip
Fuck all these fake niggas cause them niggas ain't shit
Riding with a bad bitch, she jocking on my whip
Forty band cash with a pistol on my hip
This bitch flexing and she acting like she know me
I just touchdown in Dubai, me and my nigga Kobe
The chain love water whip, bad bitches on the strip
Got ten bitches in my bed and all them strip
Swagging out the porche, money that's of course
Drop top panorama, my roof it got the voice
Think against the soulja and the choppa is my force
23 million, my name is on the forbes
Know I love Jordan so the bitch want me to fork
Lamborghini doors, pull up on a horse
Swagging out the panorama, but I want more
Rocking Michael Kors, walking through the doors
Scarface mansion and it came with marble floors
I'm swagging out the store, selling out the tour
Pouring up the activist, the lean it made me snore
And everywhere I go they say "Soulja the world is yours"

[Hook x2]

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