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A Town Summer

One of the realest niggaz that ever messed with these niggaz mane (told these niggaz mane)
Ya'll gon miss me wen I'm gone nigga
CTE in the buildin nigga (yuh)
Slick Pulla what's good nigga? (ya'knamsayin)
Homeboy representin' (huy)
Blood Raw what's good nigga?
USDA... (you wanna feel this nigga pay attention)

Aim for the sky (sky) that's all I can tell ya (yup)
Roll the purple up an get high like delta (aye)
I'm in my own world, way up in the clouds (clouds)
Gangta paradise no haters allowed (gangsta greazy)

Hold on hold on hold on hold on hold on drum
I don't think these niggaz heard my big homie there nigga
Play that shit back in the re-bup nigga
These CTE USDA the voice box of the block

Aim for the sky (sky) that's all I can tell ya (yup)
Roll the purple up an get high like delta (aye)
I'm in my own world, way up in the clouds (clouds)
Gangsta paradise no haters allowed (gangsta greazy)

It all happened so fast
Take time think... pinch myself take time to blink (aye)
So what do ya do wen the whole world loves ya? (loves ya)
The hustlers an the gangstas put nuttin above ya? (chea)

Love is love, ya just can't fake it (uh uh)
These niggaz really happy to see one of us make it
Don't talk much, do a whole lotta thinkin
My nerves still bad do a whole lotta drinkin (deeam)

Hot summer nights wake up in a cold sweat (sweat)
Gave my partner ten he ain't came home yet (nope)
Still I ride big boy coupes threw traffic
Can get 20 years for what I got in this plastic (ha ha)

And it don't stop there look at my passengers seat (aye)
Can get another 10 just for packin the heat (deeam)
Cuz nowadays man, these niggaz'll kill ya
Think ya hard like concrete these niggaz'll drill ya (whaa?)

It ain't a crime until ya get caught (caught)
Just thought I'd take a minute to bless ya with my thoughts (ya know)
Money is a terrible thing to waste
That's why ya stack it to the ceilin' or hide it all in ya safe (whoo)

I'm so complex I gotta beautiful mind
I'm such a hustler, I gotta beautiful grind (I know)
An I can take ya niggaz back to the gentlemen's club
You can catch me upstairs I'm such a gentlemen's thug

Get off my dick that's what you need to do (need to do)
O.G. an Shuga cain't vouch for you (ha ha)
In '98 I had the GS-4 (wha?)
Get my Busta Rhymes on, nigga gimme sum mo'

You niggaz just rap about it, I was livin it
Take ya back wen Timbo an Dave and dem was gettin it
Cook it on the stove not the microwave
Back wen niggaz rolled around an had fingerwaves

Can't forget them Edward J mixtapes
Wen niggaz wit them Mechanicsville just to get straight
See these rap niggaz wouldn't know nuttin 'bout that (nah)
Like a V.H.S., just rewind it back (deeam)

I risk my life just to talk like this (yup)
An this the mutherfuckin thanks I get?
I swear I ride threw the city in a two-seater (yuh! )
4.5 on my hip, black beater

All I need is one mic, or a half a brick
Gimme a, half an hour I be on sum shit (yeeeahhh)
Trap stay boomin' yeah we breeze threw the packs (packs)
This rap shit easy I just breeze threw the tracks

Wen ya, hot ya hot, wen ya not ya not (not ya not)
Prolly why them white boys keep rushin' the spot (yuh)
An urrbody tellin me how nice I am, (oh you're so) but I'mma real street nigga so I ain't givin' a damn (uh uh)

A day in the life just another episode
I'm in the streets like them lines in the middle a the road (aye)
New lambo got the feds all curious (curious)
So you can stop watchin' me I take this rap shit serious (yuh)

So why not stay in the studio for hours
Wen you can make same pay as you do wit powder (yuh)
Chi-Town's lovin me, L.A.'s feelin' me
This clown keep talkin lil' nigga ya killin' me (ha ha)

Or betta yet ya killin yaself (yup)
Fuckin' wit the big boys cuz we bad for ya health
I take shit personal I'm so sincere
Lil nigga jumped at me so I end his career (ha ha)

Catch me cruisin threw the city in sum'n bout a buck fiddy(neeermm)
Top down, iced out, won't nan nigga fuck wit me
An I was shinin' like that before my album dropped
An that was right around the time that yo album flopped

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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