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Against The Grain

Yea kurupt young gotti
We about to storm on you busta ass niggas
One at a time
Hey lets corner them off you take that section
I'll take that section lets make this shit move you bitches
Ride nigga, all the homeboys, surround rack up
Entourage its the pentagon eastwood S.M.A
Self made motherfucker what marx sparx, Lets show these Bitches

I got my
Killas in the dry killin in the spot and we trippin on niggas I got my bitches
Off the block, bitches on the drive, killin on the spot and we trippin on niggas
And if you ever see me in the all black beanie you don't
Wanna fuck with me
I got the homies on the side and they all ready ridin
You don't wanna fuck with me
I got my killaz off the block, killaz in the drive killin in the spot
Yea we trippin on niggas I got my bitches off the block
Bitches in the drive, killin in the spot they be trippin on niggas
Bitch nigga

[Verse 1]
Being Im Napalm Gotti Gorilla, murder dogg and forreal a sasquatch Gorilla
Godzilla motherfucker out for (trippers 1:05) we all trippen spitting CJKS


[Verse 2]
I got my 38 special put it in your direction Eastwood so implicit spittin shells of perfection
I goez hard so label me societies minister, most underrated thugz
We gon retire these gimmicks
I got my Chuccs on my feet, hip for the heat, ya’ll niggas can't
Black born these american blacksheep its the roleck like we roll we ride
Against the grain, so kick back rude boy before I pop ya brains nigga
I let ten off
Gotti Bin Laden, young Adolf
Gotti Voorhies, Gotti Adolf Hitler
Unique inquiries for spectacular scripters
Who’s that nigga that left the Dogg Pound and didn’t give a fuck
Like who’d wanna get out
Ride if you wanna ride
Torn boy
Bob Roscoe, Troscoe Stallone on em take


[Verse 3]
I got my young Armageddon Philadelphia’s finest, Nina Ross
Motherfucker what the fuck
The sandman oh the clean shit out I got the cleaner violence
Killaz niggas (big niggas) try motherfucker let him Adolf hitler
Try spill motherfucker letting Adolf steal, letting Adolf in
Adolfs in New Jersey I’m Buffalo Bill
When in Lebanon Hot niggas shoot to kill
I got game from niggas I used to roll with
Dont be afraid to smash niggas for hoe shit
Get what you deserve never settle for nothing
Asn if they try to play you kill em thats my only real repercussion
Im fresh off the block you can still see the streets sign
Lebanon till Im dead and gone (nigga three times)
My music is underrated my niggas think I’m the greatest
My brother think imma make it, but I already made it the game is wishy washy
Niggas is overrated the radio disc jockeys they love us but they don't play us
What happened to unity my community doing bad
Is nothing you can do to me they ain't did to me in the past
Im telling my block tales going against the grain and I'll be damned if I make a song just to
Fit the game
What happened in real life I turned down deals twice lived on a hill twice
But I can't leave this block life this is real life situations this is us at our best
This is the reason you all been waiting why you've been hating
You could’ve been patient you ain't ready to face this war you're creating
This pentagon nigga you send a bomb nigga you soft in the middle
Your aims all off with the pistol I’ll make ya murder a mystery murder ya ham
Broke a couple of niggas that a kill ya for two grand you coward you pussy
Pop you scared your games all backwards you lack the heart
I broke his jaw they couldn't put it back the part
You a punk in a LA hat you ain't hard you better pay attention to who you tellin you are
My niggas is raw we all itchin for reason to spaz out rack at the homies rack at the
Gauges a spaz out nigga nigga hey nigga
And if you ever ever see me in the all black beanie you don't
Wanna fuck with me
I got the homies on the side and they all ready ridin you don’t wanna fuck with me
I got my Pentagon riders all in the house entourage riders all in the house
S.M.A nigga we all in the house, Death Row fool all in the house
The house the house the house

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