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All Eyes

[Chorus 1]
Everything you say
Is just a lie
And now I'm leaving
To the city where the people
Are awake to chase a dream
That isn't real
And we supposed to be something
That we're not
Just want to change a lot
And sign our name after the dot

[Verse 1]
Everything you see
Is just a century of anarchy
All my corresponding colors
That symbolize the things
We can attest, arrange
We can assess, we can attain
We are the intrical entities
To entice and entertain

[Chorus 2]
All eyes
They're on you
Don't deny
You've got to
This is a call
That's all
You'll ever get from me
This is a call
That's all
You'll ever get from me

[Verse 2]
Take my side
Take my side
Don't look back
I'm easy
And that's a fact
You're on my mind, oh

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 3]
Now will the sun come up tonight?
Because your eyes they burn so bright
I'm all you've got
When you say
That you want
It all
You want it all

[Chorus 2][x2]

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