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All For A Tuesday

Morning of firsts
My brown-eyed boy decides to lay a curse on me
Flawless skin to hide your face
My deviant special case
Will I trust again?
Can I trust again?
I've got floors to catch me
Walls to bind me just the same

There's mercy when the lies kick in..

They're starting to stare
They're starting to care about me
Do I look lonely
Another inside story I can't tell

Number the stars
One by one
They start to fall
From a sky too full of wishes
He doesn't listen anymore
It's no one else
It's no one else's secret
So drag your face down to the ground

Another downfall lights the way
Begging me to save the day
In these walls I've failed to stand
Another useless helping hand
That's where I wait for you

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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