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All For Nothing

Eyes full of hate, quick to condemn
Just stay in the dark and wait for an end
You don't really care, it's just give and take
Keeping the distance, keeping it fake
Waiting for something that doesn't quite gel
Just cursing existence and hating your hell
Blinded by anger, you don't really know
It's play by play as you put on A show
Your making your stand for nothing at all
Delighted with problems, A chance for A fall
Causing A scene to distribute the pain
It's all for one, such A nice little game
Your time flies by with nothing gained
Just talk of change and who's to blame
It's the same old story we know so well
With A pre-Made ending you don't wanna tell
Still waiting for something you haven't found yet
Just hide behind vices and A bunch of regrets
Blinded by anger that won't go away
Treading on water as you sink day by day

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