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All My Bitches Is Bad

[Chorus 1:]
All my bitches is bad, all my-all my bitches is bad[x4]
Ooh that’s what money buy?
Ooh that’s what money do?

[Verse 1:]
All my nigga cashing out on the foreign coupes
Got this bitches eating pussy like it’s honey dew
Young niggas is killing niggas what’s the world coming to
My nigga disco on a beat an he drummin too
I’m the type a nigga a take a bitch in front a you
Like a ATM I keep money coming through
Like an all girls school bitches coming through
I got the weed after this
So I’m double cuff flyin overseas where that show money double up
I fucking foreign bitches an I’m touring nigga
I blow a hundred swishes til the morning nigga
I-I-I’m getting money like a mothafuckin cashier
Lil nigga you ain’t had dat money last year
Bay nigga you ain’t gettin paid nigga
Kill yoself 6 feet put you in d ground nigga

[Chorus 1:]
All my bitches is bad, all my-all my bitches is bad[x4]
Ooh that’s what money do?

[Chorus 2:]
You say my nigga’s gettin money right in front a you
Fall in love wid a rachet, that’s what dummies do
All my bitches is bad, an they comin through

[Verse 2:]
Th-th-that’s what d money do don’t it
Niggas act like they want it but won’t do nothin for it
Ma niggas eating no porridge, niggas got Beemers an Porsches
An dat’s since Camaros, ‘91 in em bitches and we don’t fuck wit valero
No captain save em no heroes, I get ma Robert De Niro
(swish) An ma mic to d tido, ma dick too big fo’ a speedo
I get em bitches ma nigga, got ma riches ma nigga
Got yo bitch in there cookin an washin dishes ma nigga
You can’t be smooth like that, your bitch is cool like that
It was jus temporary you get yo boo right back
An while she choose like that, that’s what the money do right
An you go wife dat bitch, you bout dat honeymoon life
I crack a bitch like a whip, might kick a bitch out ma whip
Just to show em my kicks, like these shit got some grip
Ima ima hop in dat 7 an you go hop in dat 6
Ima pull out dis 5 an pop a 4 in dat bitch

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

[Verse 3:]
Young nigga, phone call wippa
Move out d way when you see sem lights flicka
Young star ain’t talkin bout dippa
Make d pussy wet like a island on skippa
Bitch actin boujie I ain’t tryin no discrepancy
Fucking for some bread and she’s shaking that like
Hey, hey that’s what money do?
If I keep this money comin they be comin too
But really I’m like I ain’t feellin none a you
Cuz this money got me feeling like it another dude
Cocky man I use to be a humble dude
Now all these bitches want me cuz ma chain hang
I’m just fucking then I’m gone we call it gang game
Now me an ma niggas out here on the same thing
Countin all d traffic then we switch lanes money making young just switch names

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

All my bitches is bad, all my-all my bitches is bad[x8]
Ooh that’s what money do?

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