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Allegory of the Cave (Blinding Freestyle) ft. Coal Cash

What a difference a day makes
I’ve been given a strange fate
Living like my name’s sake
Breaching walls of division, with only my wisdom and great faith
Dollar short and a day late
Y’all been walking the same pace
Hey wait, you’re aware that you’re losing it
You dare to consume it, so tell me how the steak tastes
You believe the lies that they feed you guys like they’re legalized
They are lethal and it leaves you blind, even dreams can die
When you feed ‘em with greed and pride
What you keep inside, ain’t even your own thoughts
That’s why you so lost every time the road forks
A gold cross could break down the roster into a cloud of dust
So how much does your soul cost?
I mean there’s cars and clothes, and there’s bars and hoes
When you star the show
But it’s harsh and cold, you had bartered your heart and soul
For a shot at that tarnished gold I mean
They say we’re in Hell
That’s the place where we dwell
We came here to help ‘cause, it’s impossible for you to see the obstacles that you placed on yourself
‘Cause you’re blind baby
You’re blind to the fact that they piling crap on your spine til it cracks
It’s a mind that you lack, chained to desires
They are the liars designing the traps
Time to react, but cats would rather lie frozen
And watch these thieves leave our time stolen
You believe the lies spoken, hindsight is blindfolded
I’m chosen to rise with my eyes open
Revoking a fight, holding a mic
Broke when I write, show you what a soldier is like
Sold your soul for the ice
Y’all will find that darkness blinds, then again shows us the light
That’s right, it’s a hard climb
When there’s just light where the stars shine
This cave allegory was made as a story
Laid there before me to enlighten these dark times

[Coal Cash]
You wouldn’t see it with your eyes wide
Government applies menticide, bonafide lies
Covenants comprise a revised state of witchcraft
Cash in your chips for gold bricks, gettin’ rich fast
You wouldn’t grasp what the story wade
Blinded your sight with degrees of light from allegory’s cave
You’re enslaved to what your mind’s told
Hold to admit, entrust justice in a blindfold
Tryna mold how you oughta be
Orderly an expression and never question authority
Sure to be in oppression, recession for your economy
Commonly kept to death under depression, stress or poverty
Property don’t exist, they insist the implication of situation entrapped you and sat you to limitations
Intimidation to make ‘em, silent and consent
As tyrants implement a compliant innocent
Defiance and contempt to our Maitreya executive express the living man on the land standing the testament
To test if the land commands a jurisdiction or if jurisdiction lands on the man who brands conviction
Victims of corporate fiction, sedition to the beast they hail
Tails to devour, strip empowers from the Priest of Bale
I curtail adamant door locks
And tore the top management from Vatican Warlocks
Saw the plot thicken, you listen up politician
My mission to strike ‘em firm, feel the burn to ignite magicians
Wisdom learned to CERN turning the common core
Injure the more problems at the bottom of forgotten awe
Like Common Core cutting truth from its shelter
Held you in a noose, cut the youth from its elder
Now swelter in a fever pitch, stripped from our leaders we seek redeemers that’ll meet our wish
But eagerness is the first fish for the bait
Face full of hooks for what they’re cooking on the dinner plate
I been awake so I hate when you say you’re woke
Nope, you ain’t breaking an escape from the weight of ?
Made a joke of what you spoke, now the good think you’re linked to the light
But it’s what got your sight hoodwinked
Now this could sting a little, your brittle belief grieves for a ??? with a visible need
Please, motherfucker you blinded
Blinded to the facts so I had to rewind it
Remind you of the trap that you’re wrapping your mind with
Time to adapt from the crap that you vibe with
Faggot, hypocritically dissect, the words that I say, fuck politically correct
I lividly express the epitome to test
The stress in which we live now give me liberty or death

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