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Alone Through Path Of Sorrow I Walk

Join me in the realms of madness
You, Rising Death
Join me where the winds are weeping
And trees have no hearts!

Take me to the land of fathers you Mighty Star Dweller
Across the barrens and evergreen woods
To home of my Damned Kind
The burden of time I try to struggle with
Holds me to the ground I cannot breath
Sands fills my nose and maggots in months
From centuries I seek for my Promised Land
She is my asylum in Road of Death I walk
This little mortal creature she knows to whom I belong
Her fearless eyes gazing so faithfully
Crystalline as ice that chained my humanity

Behold the fear in your blazing hart
Rip off your bars of pain and despair
Together will be walking through the ashes of grief
Caressing my pity, violating my pain
In golden chalice I keep my lunar breed
Like a host of lamb, drowned in blood
With colors of night I will spread on your hair
The veil painted in dusk and despair

From your heart I tear all your fire tears
Master of confusion I'm falling on my knees
With bloodthirsty blade I want to share your fate
To never see when my colors begins to fade
In silence I cut night to free the stars
In scream of emptiness I find a feeling deep inside
In this river flowing over hills and plains
We shall drown our sorrow, grimness and despairs

In silence...
I cut night to free the stars
In silence...

I touch her skin so cold as marble stone
Her closed eyes reminds me that I'm alone
The river's dry and no-one fills my emptiness
This wounds will never bleed remains without caress

To dare the Devil I must walk the Path of Death
And never see the land in which my demons breathe
With burning heart I stand alone on snowed peaks
In winds that freezes mind, in urgent heat of feel...

To reach the crown of life with Dragon I must fight
Devouring me from inside, in every lonely night
Did fire burn again did mirrors shows my face?
Do I return on road once more, when heart step out of trace... ?

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