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[Verse 1: Vader]
In School struggling to stay awake
Looking like I'm juggling a hand grenade
Still afraid
Formals coming up and I ain't got a date
My self esteem is down just like my fucking grades
I don't even know what the hell I'm trying for
I can't even see what lies behind the door
Is there something more, or nothing at all
I'm gonna lose the war, and the battle
Snakes rattle, and my friends hiss
There like vampires sucking out my innocence
I'm not a victim its, what I chose
Went from respecting women to hating the fact that they wore clothes

If I wanna watch anime and you gotta problem with that, You can suck my dick Alright, Alright

[Hook: Vader]
Things change, people change
Nothing ever stays the same
Feel like life is just a game
Just remember my name(x2)
Just remember my name (My name) (x3)
Just remember my fucking name

[Bridge: Vader]
I want nothing more, and I want nothing less

[Verse 2: Vader]
At home struggling to fall asleep
I'll be surprised if I sleep at all this week
This stress is eating at me
My face is full of acne
No girlies I'm attracting
Maybe it's the social skills I'm lacking
Life's got me feeling like a chubby kid running a track meet
Feel like I'm trying to drive but from the backseat
No body is working with me, they're all working against me
Everyone's got cars, and I'm on a ten speed
That's why they're winning the race, and that's why I'm still in the back
You can scream in my face, but I will never crack
That's a fact
And I don't give a fuck how I act
Life's a test that you'll never pass

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