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Alwayz Recording

[Intro - Frisco]
Black The Ripper, Samson
Always Recording, 24/7
Come on man
Keep up man
Or get left behind

[Verse 1 - Frisco]
Let me show you what a lyrical skeng is
I ace MC's all day like tennis
Man dem know that I'm cold with the bars
If you don't I can show you what a skeng to the N is
I get girls from Tottenham to Greenwich
I'm dirty like Dennis
I'm old-school like Buju B and Berres
None of these likkle men want it with Fris
I'm a lyrical menace
It's all potent, strictly the pengest
Man dem know that it's blessed from when is
Me that wrote the bar is all lengish
I go hard with bars and never that far from
Where a beat and pad or a pen is
Clash me and your career will perish
Man know I'm lyrically sick
So I'm effed like nicotine and cigarettes is
And I ain't gonna aim where your leg is
Them man on some cartoon flex like
Nickelodeon, Disney and Jetix
I'm clued up cuzzy don't try them tricks
Head gone and I get matrix
West Green might find me over them bits
I'm on some fly shit like when you see me
You like where did he get them kicks

[Hook - Frisco]
This is Alwayz Recordings
We've been big from morning

[Verse 2 - Black The Ripper]
I'm three times better then these guys
That's why I left them all behind
Just give some a oz or weed
And all I need is a melody and a b-line
I don't just spit, I breath life into tracks
You man are wishing that you had
What it takes to get rewinds
But you don't bro so resign
I don't know who said you're gifted but
They got it twisted like Levi's
Forget your lies
Have to look in your eyes and read your mind
Don't try hide I will see confined
You're lying if you're saying I'm not life
Since I came in the game 2005
Then me in the six will be redefined

[Hook - Frisco]
This is Alwayz Recordings
We've been big from morning

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