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American Dream

(Radio Announcer) "The American dream had a price tag ... and only one man in a million was hungry enough to pay"
Hey man, you can save that morality for your minister
And you can save that speech for the sisters of the church
This is America, jack
This is all about corporate takeovers and money makeovers
Wealth matters and poverty doesn't
We all say we love Martin Luther King, but we all wanna live like Don King, don't we?
God bless America! God bless America!
Home of the Rockefellers, home of the Carnegies
Home of the end justifies the means, legitimized through larceny
"Fuck the king! Fuck your taxes!" is what they told their masters
Before they became our masters
So rebelling against power is natural
And being an outlaw is actually ...

My American dreams, my American schemes
Fueled by American greed
My American dreams, my American schemes
Fueled by American dreams
It's American me, it's American me
By any means necessary
American me, my American dreams
Fueled by American schemes
It's American me

In America the crooks get the castles
Never see a Rothschild or Rockefeller shackled
While Rockefeller Drug Laws keep us in a shackle
Eventually this weed'll be as legal as tobacco
By then every CEO I hope will be a black, though
Message to the felon, keep sellin', my brethren
The end of an era soon coming I tell 'em
Bumpy Johnson showed us the way, don't fail him
Big Meech united all the streets, they jailed him
Pablo fought the government so they killed him
Probably took his bricks and brought 'em to us to deal 'em
My critics say I celebrate the dope dealer ... probably
Cause I'm pro whatever prevents me from feeling poverty
For the same reason Prescott Bush worked with Nazis
The same reason Kennedy's dad ran the rum
By any means necessary I will overcome


You become a sociopath flipping birds
The same mindstate it takes to build a Bilderberg
Or an Enron or any other big con
That could fleece a million people out of billions
I'm trying to get a cheaper price, you know, a bigger bag
Mexican work ... how American is that?
As American as steering in a German car
Fucking a Russian chick snorting coke from Colombia

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