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Bad Day/Worst Day

[Killer Mike]
CRIP - true blue to it
BLOOD - Piru to it
Gangsta music, is to drug abusin
Don't confuse it with C. Delores Tucker
FUCK her, and Bill O'Reilly
And Reverend what's-his-name, FUCK his name
Kobe the best player ever, wit NO game
Fell for the trick of that white bitch, so lame
How lame? Lame as the new host of Soul Train
Sheeit, lame as the old host of Soul Train
I do gangsta music, FUCK Soul Train!
All blacks got is BET
Pardon me, that shit's owned by MTV
Blacks ain't got shit, it's still 1-9-6-6
Cause you can buy a car ain't shit
Jordan cain't buy a team, and that nigga got six rings
Cot'picker, see what I mean?
Q-Tip's singin, Dre 3000 actin
God-damn, niggas too good, for this rappin
I'm just askin, what the fuck happened?
I'm just askin, nigga what the fuck happened?!
We went from "too black to too skrong"
To Sisqo and the God-damn "Thong Song"
We went from Farrakhan to Don Juan
Don Juan keep it pimpin man
But I'm just sayin Farrakhan got business man
Plus he speak positive on that knowledge shit
No matter how much my auntie holla
I'd NEVER give a dollar, to the good doctor - Reverend Creflo Dollar
Fuck dat! Befo' I do dat
I'd join Mason Betha's church and quit rap
I'd hang out with Murder INC. and sing 50 Cent raps
50 Cent raps; I'd rather let Eminem call me 50 niggas
Than break bread wit a rich nigga readin scripture
By the way, if you're Aryan Nation - FUCK Hitler, FUCK Hitler!
That's to let ya know I didn't forget ya
Let me make ya bad day a worst day
Me and Hitler got the same damn birthday
That cracker dead, that's my God-damn birthday
Go shorty, go shorty
FUCK a protest, I got a Glock 40
Unlike these bougie niggas, I ain't braggin
FUCK killin blacks, I'm down for toe taggin Grand Dragon, Grand Dragon

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