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I ain' gone lie
I be getting a lil' emotional
Go head record it off
I be getting a lil' emotional when i be doing this but
But that camera
That sh*t be throwing me off
You ready?
Start it over (you go)
Yee'n gotta leave out!
It's just I know I'm on on film
Ya' heard me (no you're good)
So it f*ck with me a lil' bit
You 'ont gotta go no where though
You can sit down and stay
Its a true story
I ain' gone forget my words
Start it over

Verse 1~
I was chilling in the IHOP
Overheard a conversation
Both of them n*ggas killas
One of 'em was Micheal Keaton
Big brother to Jason
I went to school with 'em
His brother got kill't
So now he keep a tool with 'em
Live aroun' the corner from his two daughters
No father
That's when the waitress came over
Like may I take your order
Gimme the breakfast sample
Orange juice and coke
That n*gga looked at me
And nodded his head
I never spoke
Like what the f*ck them n*ggas looking at
That's what I heard the other say
Looked at me and mugging , wait
N*gga turn't the other way
Had to turn deaf ear
Satin was in my left ear
Like gone cancel
You a n*gga
Nobody can see you
Show them n*ggas that you real
Nobody can be you
I walked over and asked 'em
You want take it of you shoulder
Hand checking him in face
Telling 'em I'm a soldier
I ain no f*cking drug lord
I ain the type to try to be
Ten years of agreession
You'ont wanna see that outta me
Jagged as and smith and west
Banging,Sanging I gotta be

Verse 2~
That n*gga, That n*gga
It all started on a Tuesday afternoon
Me and my b*tch got into it
Unnecessary foolishness
Two and a half ruined
Found out from another chick
Living out of town
In uh upstairs apartment
That was three corners down
Click spot from around
Jeff used to scope pounds
Tonya ran into me how Amber had ran into
Me and Tonya remained cool
Amber man was p*ssy
He ran to the block and set some n*ggas from another hood
They came back and black masked up
Just like I knew they would
Runnin out there buckin loud
N*ggas on a lavature
Hard not to bang when you got b*itch n*iggas attacking you
Up to forty caliber
Oncoming Passenger
Scuffled through the tourist section
Stole on the traffica
See 'em with his clique he use to mug
But never buck with them
Used to keep a smirk
Cause my ol' lady was f*cking 'em
Ain' no need to get mad
I'm thinking
I ain' never f*ck wit'em
He one of my n*ggas or
We bargain on brain
F*ckin with my lil' brother who frequently snorted cain
Dealt him down as I passed 'em
What's happening
Where its twerk'd em
Back was turn't the whole time
Lil' brother ran up and merk'd 'em
Issued 'em two to the dome
And worked 'em with the chrome
And 'till I can say
I set 'em up and he gone

Verse 3~
Three months prior
I'd downtown meeting Lisa McBoyd
I'm in town handling business for Floyd
He couldn't make it
I'ma take it by myself
I'm awaiting a vacation
Three bricks going to Kirk
I'm at home from Las Vegas
On the phone with Joe finishing conversation
He said it was gone be off cause he was at a graduation
But sh*t
I'm on my way outta state to meet Mason
He told me to be safe and any problems
I could page 'em
Jeff sitting patient in a vacant location
Not knowing that we was stopping in another metropolitan
Tonya text Jeff still waiting replied obviously
Hope your cousin Kevin ain' faking
He ain' jiving me
Or tryna get me up to the Jake's
Plotting on robbing me
Tonya said
Kevin's my cousin
He wouldn't lie to me
Whenever y'all had talked
He was right here on the side of me
They in the real estate and probably looking at property
Free Lisa
True Story

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