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Grandmotha Grave

Mannequin the f-f-first
This one of them night
I be havin` good daysThen I be havin` days where it just hit me like a ton of bricks
Stay focused

Out the mud, makin` runs
In a lil` hotel
My dawg, one of my favorite ones
He don`t wish me well (he don`t wish me well)
Then someone else flip the coin
Heads or tails (heads or tails)
Would`ve turned `em onto my yea
But he gon` kiss and tell (he gon` kiss and tell)

But that`s a bet
Main man, can`t handle his excitement
Fallin`, we could play around well I can`t stay `til the light
Three strikes then you swing out
Gon` head say goodbye love
This life love, it`s light love, goodbye love

I ain`t been dealin` with entities
Move a lil` differently, really be pilin` it up
Intimate dealer continually, givin` me energy, she finna power me up
I took a lil` trip wit` a free heart
And an open mind, change overnight
Relationships on the wrong side
Left old friends on the road side

Giddy up, say "Woah, nah"
Bread winner, can`t slow down
Swear I feel it in my soul, right now
Spinnin` out of control right now
Prayers for innocent women and men,
The way they corrupted the case
I`m makin` plans for bidness
I get it again, distribute it back in the safe

The warrant had hit big brotha
Had went on the run and the doc reconstructed his face
Know that I`m plugged with a couple of
Federal judges and they won`t deny me I`m Gates
I had to plow through the roughage
I cried and I suffered and then I elevated in rank
I know my grandmotha love me
I come out the gutta, I put a lil` smile on her face

I had got tired of her sufferin`
Finally recoverin`, kinda wish she woulda` stayed
I can`t retire from hustlin`
Lot of new customers, I`m in here grindin` with weight
Seem like the world used to love me
Now all of a sudden they got a problem with Gates
I really feel like you bluffin`
That shit don`t mean nothin`, I know that a lot of `em fake

I can put that in an oven
The touch of a button and all of the product can bake
I must be guided by somethin`
I`m kinda reluctant and I don`t got nothin` to say
How `bout we get off the subject?
I`m already coveted, I got a cut on the play
How `bout I do my lil` dougie?
The junkies they love me, they way I be pumpin` the bass

She know how I do my lil` other
And she went to crushin`, the way I be cuffin` her waist
We used to cuddle when I used to cut her
She comfortable, she only come for the cake
She go to gruntin` when under the cover
I`m thrustin` that lumber inside of her place
I used to like when your body on top of mw
Though we`ll never be nothin` again

There`s not a day that go by when you look
Deep inside, that you know that you made a mistake
I know we`ll never be nothin` again
That`s on my grandmotha grave

That`s on my grandmotha grave (grandmotha grave)
That`s on my grandmotha grave (abuelita)
That`s on my grandmotha grave (abuelita)
That`s on my grandmotha grave
That`s on my grandmotha grave (te extraño abuelita)
Grandmotha grave

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