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Still Hold Up

I`m built Ford tough (Carmelo)
No, this how I used to be feelin`Killer, you heard me (James put the check, boy)

Crossed out, hex, feel like I`m possessed
I wanna handle baby daddy, it just ain`t happen yet
My wife just sent that paper there, I just ain`t grab it yet
Nominated for the GRAMMYs, I went back to jail
Racist judge found me guilty, sent me back to Hell
Lost trial in the feds, went back on appeal
My lil` ones irkin` out, he back on them pills
Zombies lurkin`, close the curtains, we back on the steel
The voodoo lady say, "Okay," I say, "I had to kill"
Get `em down there for a show and put that racket here
Traffic tickets, had too many, I was gettin` stopped
Never happen when I`m by myself so bein` friendly stopped
I rock a lotta gold chains, I am not a coward
I`m thuggin` hard, I`m connected to the higher power
Damn near lost it all believing` in a bitch nigga
Okay, problem solved, I do shit a little different

Talked about behind my back by my own family
But I`m built Ford tough, and I still hold up
Entities I used to deal with tried to hurt my marriage
But I`m built Ford tough, and I still hold up

They stack the deck with bitch niggas, everybody backs `em (They do)
Been in the game since shit stains and
I`m `bout that action (I`m `bout that)
I never ratted, a Louisiana livin` legend (Why?)
Bitch, I`m in traffic, you play with Gates, you got to wet it (Grrat)
Just remember, I`m not a talker, I`m a stepper (I`m a stepper)
Broad day, I go to walkin` up, applyin` pressure (Boom, boom, boom)
Free C Murder (Ooh), they tried to ban me from the prisons (Ooh)
Maybe they know I`m only happy when I see my niggas (Ah)
Maybe they wanna see me broke or dead or back there with `em (They do)
Shoutout the ones in the system with a life sentence (Oh, oh)
Woman pregnant for another brother, never visit (Don`t)
Shoutout the ones who still show love in the city
The way they hate you, make you kinda hate to fuck with the city (Hm)
Gangster reason, long nights I remember (I remember)
I ask Big Dana for some pictures, I just really miss ya (Whaddup?)
Roamin` the trenches where the cocaine get delivered

Say, look
Don`t never go look for yourself inside somebody else, you heard me
`Cause some of these niggas outchea ain`t really cut like we cut
You know, we cut from a bandana
You know, these niggas cut from shit paper, you heard me
That shit sounds good until it takes place
But I`m built Ford tough, and I still hold up
But I`m built Ford tough, and I still hold up
But I`m built Ford tough, and I still hold up

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