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Another Freestyle 500k Part 3

I failed off in dey club everybody know it’s me now its 106’n park I’m Mr.B-E-T fell off in dis club all night shirt on same color as a can of sprite, and all the girls straight know they love me, met them in a straight hitting dat dougie, fell off in a club and made it snow, shades on and made the glow what it is soulja boy ima damn boss you can call me the skinny rick ross OMG soulja boy you go crazy no mind you love me baby . fell off in da club got no braids soulja boy tell em got no shades and you already know how it’s going down shirt on same color as a new pound Omg its spraying two rounds soulja boy tell em what you do now and you better get ya head right, I just made 10 mill off of a website all ya nigga”s straight hate on me I just got a big check for playing halo 3 omg soulja boy you got big gwap I got a question will da hating ever stop I don’t think so soulja boy you said it good I fell off in da club just doing what I could soulja boy tell em ima damn king said it once before watch my damn chain bling 40 thousand spend on my damn watch 30 thousand make dat bitch tik tok I got it made on my world let it flip flop soulja boy tell em meet me at the big top I bought a new rag an you know it rain it all gold ride clean and you know it man fell off in da club and you already know I gotta watch same color as dope soulja boy tell em straight made it rain an escalade same color as a dookie stain what it is maan you know my click don’t ever starve sod money game headed to the top fell off in da club and you know it’s me soulja boy tell em did yo bitch notice me yes she did cause it took her to da crib and beat it in till I’m done foreal omg soulja boy we running a damn train we in a hole sod money game and you know my name cuz I stay crump we want ricco like we damn drunk we fell off in da club and we stomped it loud tellem soulja boy when yo cd coming out this year watch dat bitch go platinum everybody asking me was ha nun nun

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