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[Hook x2: Sample]
"Blue for the blue, I feel when I'm feeling down
On the ground, feeling down that could be most anyday"

[Verse 1: Apathy]
Life goes in cycles
The world's controlled by secret psychos
All along the watch tower pacing with they rifles
Old money, holds money, now I got no money
I'm so hungry, life is just sucking the soul from me
Taxes is actually money you stole from me
If people only knew the truth things would get so bloody
I drop a little hint and if you're curious, go study
But make your own mind up, don't listen to nobody
Cause you ain't got a clue where the Godz come from
Read between the lines sucker, don't play dumb
Constant propaganda is on television
So cock back your hammer and run and get your gun
There's no way for modern day revolution
Cause you ain't got the heart and you'd probably just run
A right to bear arms cause my Uzi weighs a ton
You can censor out my words but I'll never bite my tongue
I won't run

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: King Magnetic]
Anyday, 6 A.M. they doing a head count
But you don't need a jail calendar to get X'd out
The next drought's here, learn to avoid the debt
My people waiting on WIC and unemployment check
Over-lecture, they all in your ears
But no child gets supported when it's all in the rears
That's fatherhood for some, no wonder we crazy
Mothers experience fatherhood as a lady
Maybe that baby will grow to break the penal code
Unless his wife hold half his weight like his femur bone
Seem alone around a bunch of people, tuck an Eagle
Like McNabb jersey when he about to thread the fucking needle
Such an evil, serving people, laws until there's nothing legal
Snuffing people until I feel we suffered equal
Fuck an eagle, take it way beyond pride
That's why my people take it one day at a time

[Hook x3]

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