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As Deadly As Can Be

[Verse 1: Necro]
The Abaddon Dapper Don, performing surgery on you like Trapper John, while Sabbath is on, into coffin burglary. Anaconda, murder marathon, cadaverous like Harrison, sacrifice a rabbit, blasphemous stone tablets, the beyond. Flow like the Acheron, packin' the kronze under my leather jacket like Fonz, my click surrounds you like brackets, you vagabond, jackass. I got a dagger on me to stab you faggots, my swagger is calm, pull the trigger, holdin' Megatron in my palm. Spit flames like a chimera, split ya brain like Barrera, guerilla warfare like Guevara, kill like malaria. Triple six like the river Styx, like River Phoenix's excess which lead to his death from coke and heroin mixed. The chronicles of hell, robotic cripples, demonic nipples, on Baphomet's chest like applique, buck like Corrato with pistols. Disgusting. gluttony, try the Susan Atkin's weight reduction plan, liposuction with rusty cutlery

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]
Mentally disturbed, centuries of hurt, ecstasies and percs, destinies of dirt, festering and burnt I'll Canabill, my recipe's preferred, the gourmet, filet and saute, ordained by raw pain, I curse the lord's name. Psychopathica sexualis, all day, ejaculate to serial killer memorabilia and necrophilia. Sex predator, my head's infested with meth fetish, the death metaller tit chop breast editor, the piss mop sex peddler. Bestiality spike dog collar mamas eat shit and drink vomit type of whores to wallow in it, they don't find a fist foreign. Control motivated, before hostel hit the big screens a torturer murderer running loose on a killing spree. This is spinal tap, no anesthesia, my feelings are a freezer, mysterious like the pyramids of Giza. Massacre fantastica, your murder scene is where I'm broadcasting from while blood bubbles stutter from your splattered cunt

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