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As Told By Ginger

[Verse 1]

We just trynna get along with the old folks
We stole your mother's whip, knowing she gon' know tho
Hands out the window, let the fears go
If we driving too fast, we let the wheel go slow
Can you believe that?
Is it the dreams I see holding me back?
It's the room, I think it's the room
Always hated hospitals
You always had a feeling that one day I'd be lawyer
I told you I hated Easter, you told me I needed Jesus
The pieces are so deceiving
Early morning mama grieving
I needed to see the reaper, needed to see the preacher
Hated all of my teachers, I'm stealing from all the bleachers
I ran with all the creepers
I needed a single reason.. to stop myself from all the bleeding

Someone once told me the grass is much greener
On the other side
Someone once told me the grass is much greener
On the other side
Cause if I have a joy, then I don't wanna live
Cause when I hear your voice, I'm better
I'm better

[Verse 2]

This my vision from the far side
This the reason why my sister left the car outside
I'll slit my wrist cause there's no way ahead
Ain't no money round me, reap on to that welfare (lala)
You really wanna meet, oh no
If you come around me, don't glow
There's some madness that happens until the people [?]
I need a reason to leave you inside the evil [?]
I caught a feeling from sealing what never ever let me


[Skit + Loop into Silicon Valley]

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