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I don`t care if you`re from Texas
It might surprise you to know
And I don`t care if your great-great granddaddy
Was a Confederate hero
And I don`t care if you`re from Hollywood
Just as enlightened as you can be
You`re still an asshole to me

I don`t care if you quit drinking
And go to meetings twice a week
You say you`ve found your higher power
You`re so clean now and you`re sweet
Now that you`re clear and sober
It sure is sad to see
That you`re still an asshole to me

You can put an asshole through Harvard
Sit him behind the wheel of a shiny Corvette
And ship him off to charm school
What do you get?
You get a rich (rich)
Charming (charming)

And you say you love your mama
Well that`s good, good for you
It wouldn`t surprise me to learn
That she`s an asshole too
I don`t care if you`re a judge
On some singing show on NBC
You`re still an asshole
You`re still an asshole
Like me

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