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Astronomy - (originally recorded by Blue Oyster Cult)

Clock strikes twelve and moondrops burstOut at you from their hiding placeLike acid and oil on a madman's faceHis reason tends to fly awayLike lesser birds on the four windsLike silver scrapes in MayAnd now the sand's become a crustMost of you have gone awayCome Susie dear, let's take a walkJust out there upon the beachI know you'll soon be marriedAnd you'll want to know where winds come fromWell it's never said at allOn the map that Carrie readsBehind the clock back there you knowAt the Four Winds BarHey! Hey! Hey! Hey!Four winds at the Four Winds BarTwo doors locked and windows barredOne door to let to take you inThe other one just mirrors itHey! Hey! Hey! Hey!Hellish glare and inferenceThe other one's a duplicateOr the light that never warms[Astronomy - (originally recorded by Blue Oyster Cult) lyrics on]The Queenly flux, eternal lightOr the light that neverNever warmsYes the light that never, never warmsNever warmsNever warmsThe clock strikes twelve and moondrops burstMiss Carrie nurse and Susie dearOut at you from their hiding placeIt's the nexus of the crisisWould find themselves at Four Winds BarJust the place to hopelesslyAnd the origin of stormsEncounter time and then came meHey! Hey! Hey! Hey!Call me DesdinovaEternal lightThese gravely digs of mineWill surely prove a sightAnd don't forget my dogFixed and consequentAstronomy...a star

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