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I'm rollin' up these Backwoods
I'm ridin' through my damn hood
200 under my damn hood
Damn, Soulja, you eatin' good
I'm rollin' up these Backwoods
I'm rollin' up these Backwoods
I'm rollin' up these Backwoods
I'm rollin' up these Backwoods

[Verse One]
Rollin' up the Backwoods
Bag of the gas, ounces of good
Pounds of trap, pounds of gas
Ride through the city and I got the strap
Lamborghini and I painted it black
Uzi automatic my favorite strap
Smokin' on, smokin' on kush on the weekend
Smokin' on kush with your bitch and she freaky
She fuckin' and suckin', she fuckin' the team
You know what I mean
Ice and Ferragamo, my cuban link
Diamond shine, man, they look like they pink
Stupid nigga, you get shot 'fore you blink
I got water whip, yeah look at my team
Throwin' money in the air and that change the weather
The money on me, look like money Mayweather
All of these diamonds, I pull them together
Niggas be talking, they don't get no cheddar
We shoot undercover pistols and Beretta
Nigga, I got Louis all on my sweater
VVS diamonds is all in my bezel


[Verse Two]
Used to live in a bando
Now I run through in them camos
Niggas talkin', they get no money
I be seein' my face through the channels
Gucci, Louis on my sandals
I'm lightin' shit up like a candle
I'm on an island like Gilligan
Slangin' eight balls like I'm Wimbledon
Gucci, Louis on my Timberlands
Ten stacks in my pocket the minimum
Pull up that Wraith, you killin' 'em
Soulja worth 25 million
Oh my god, look at my chain
I'm killin' the pot, they know my name
I'm in the club, and I'm on flame
Giuseppe my feet, it's not a game
Puttin' a fuck nigga to shame
Step out the club and I'm makin' it rain
Thirty thousand on my [?] ring
Ain't nobody fuckin' with my game
Versace, Versace on my new ring
Soulja Boy Tell 'Em


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