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Bag Of Money Freestyle

Oh, oh my bitch bad, my bitch cold
Young bitch with an old soul
Lesson that she learned cause her momma showed her
Probably should have hit her when her momma(…)
My old bitch she’d look young
It’s my bitch but she look yummy
Your bitch poor but she look fine
My white bitch, my black one
Go change my platinum, my skinny girl look(…)
When I put that face in that(…)
Slow Songs, fuck Songs, my soul songs, my club songs
Rap songs, what’s up songs, ya niggas never gonna touch songs
Bet you better momma never fuck..
You seen (…) addicted to my money and she never go to rehab
It’s full of hundreds if you look up in the bag (look in the bag)
Like that bad, my bitch bad, bad!

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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