Fuck that, whoa, uh
Fuck that bitch, I changed the plan
Switch my style like I switch hands
Block the witness, take the stand
Fuck out the way bitch, back it up
Shit better get played in a palace (word)

I can`t treat niggas like big deals
Why put up a front? I`m callous
Bald (ha)
I look like Ray Allen (real)
These niggas make beats on big wheels
Yo` files is not a challenge (nah)
Boy, you can`t rap for shit
Shuttlesworth blessed me with talent
Hairline proof God needs balance

My life was written already, so I was gifted already
And with this God-given talent, I knew the Devil been met me
Can`t compare me to Jesus, because he ain`t Noah`s father
He told me, "Please
Be still and see that steel is revolver" (you right)

`Cause in my hood, these niggas poppin` mollies and shootin`
I`m stressed the fuck out, that`s why I must commence to get zooted
I`m trapped in my head, between the thoughts of health and my wealth
Right next to bein` selfish and just bein` myself
The fast spitter, slash, clash, ghetto pass, sinner sippin` bad liquor
It`s the nigga you may know, I`m the goat
To them clout chasers and them `bout whatevers and them wave riders
Told them that my life is not a boat, you can`t float (you right)

Call me Zeltron when I`m rappin`, call me Denzel when we fuck, ho
You`re allowed to touch me
But I don`t wanna keep in touch, though (wow)
Say I`m livin` comfortable, because I`m makin` much dough
But I wasn`t happy, cut my hair and let the sluts go

Ever so softly, suicide has cost me
Did I lose my mind? I feel my head been lost me
Been a couple years and haven`t spoken to Lofty
Haven`t seen the family, only been with the posse (skrr)
Couple gold plaques, scratch that off a gold list
Cold shit is gettin` diamond plaques by stayin` focused (yuh)

No whip, I won`t let `em do me like Jahseh (yuh)
My mama say that I should pray
`Cause demon comes in different shapes (okay)
Got that Stray Rats on my body
`Cause Maurice don`t fuck with BAPE (what?)
All these bars that I be writin`
Make it hard for you to relate (damn)

Hesitate, I rarely do when fuckin` these hoes I barely knew
Overturnin`, startin` new, can`t act like a jit by thirty-two
I`m twenty-five, though, dreadlocks had your boy like Sideshow Bob
Can`t complain about too much, because I`m on my job
Switch my look, I got `em hooked, they call me Young Heartthrob
I am (bald)

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