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Verse 1: Nicki Minaj
He say I’m fabulous with it (Why?)
’Cause I make him cum faster, than a speeding bullet
I got that dennetdennetdennet, uh, dennetdennetdennetdennet
But if your money short like midgets, keep ya digits
’Cause I don’t fucks with y’all Jokers, when it come to money
’Cause ain’t a damn thing funny, understand me dunnie
Slide out the batmobile, hat on tilt
Got the cherry red pump with the matching belt
New heroine in town, check the roster girl
I’m comin’ for the crown, Kim, that’s the word
Flashy in the drop, low key in the bird
Ratchet on the top, so don’t get on my nerve
Get his wood down, like a lumberjack
Let the hood know Nicki got that thunder cat
But I don’t fucks with y’all dudes, that be fronting when you come through
Make my own bread, Wonder Woman when the funds due

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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