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Beatbox Remix

Kev shot yo ass
Damn E, this shit exclusive
6, You know what it is, when you hear my voice, know this shit finna be disrespectful (on gang!)

[Verse 1: Cojack]
He was dissin' in them songs, knocked his mans off
Say he smokin' Bibby, I'll knock a fan off
Pull up stop the car, you know I like to run down (hear me out)
Brrr, bow, bow, that's that f*ckin' choppa sound
Smoking Shug on '6 block (skrt), heard he crashed out
Rolling dead opps (boom), he caught a head shot
Big boss gone, we got 'em scared now
He was dissin' in them songs, what he saying now?
A-R with the 50' round, knock his dread off (run down)
50k on yo head, let that bag talk
I'mma walk him down, ain't no stand off
Niggas playing hard, but he really soft

[Verse 2: Foolio]
Prosper got shot (shot!), Tay got shot (ha!)

Date Added: 2022-01-22
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