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[Intro: Future & DJ Khaled]
Yeah (We The Best Music)
So beautiful, beautiful fantasy
Yeah, it's Pluto (Another one)
Life is beautiful
Whatever, whatever
Whatever, yeah
DJ Khaled

[Verse 1: Future & DJ Khaled]
Pull up in that two tone, got me feelin' like a Jetson
Let it out, my sneaky link, lil' shawty like my best friend
Pop a bag on her, I'm a sponsor, she my investment
She not the only one without no questions (No question)
She don't want me with nobody else (No one еlse)
She just want me all to hеrself (All to herself)
She don't share with nobody else (Keep goin')
She just want me all to herself (Pluto)
Make her feel like a superstar, she way above average
I just new baguette her 'cause I'm a barbarian
Soon as I put a Patek on her, now these hoes starin' (Now these hoes starin', now these hoes starin')
Almost went to therapy but you was all I needed
I can't even front, you gave me somethin' to believe in
Show more Audemars, takin' your talent to Philippe
You can't up and leave 'cause you caught a nigga cheatin'
[Refrain: Future]
Every single night we burn sage 'cause we toxic (Because we toxic)
Mushrooms got us outside our bodies (Outside our bodies)
She so used to me swallowin' her, it's turnin' her rotten
Anytime I leave out on tour don't be plottin'
Every time I'm leavin' out the door she talk feisty
Just make sure you're holdin' me down before I'm out your sight
I go up from GRAMMYs, win by this shit international
Whatever you do just stay true and show passion
When you talk, be precise

[Chorus: SZA]
I took a flight for the Patek, you said, "Bae, you're so dramatic", I guess
Anything you want, boy, forget it, you just make me feel so
I took a chance and you grabbed it, you said, "Don't worry, I got it," you said

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