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Jadakiss Interlude

[Interlude: Jadakiss]
New York, the real New York, I'm outside
I don't live in Miami, I don't live in Colorado
Come to my block and see me, my niggas
All of y'all know I be down there
This is Kiss, I'm outside
Always D-Block (I like this)
I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips
Nigga, I'm from New York (What?), New York (Yeah)
Ruff Rydin', D-Block and shit
Nigga, f*ck what you thought, you thought (A-ha!)
And you can't take shit for granted
'Cause life is too short, too short (Yeah)
I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips (Uh, yeah)
Nigga, I'm from New York (Uh, ah-heh!)
[Intro: James Brown, DJ Khaled & Jadakiss]
Born in New York City on a Monday
It seems I was out shinin' shoes 'bout two to noon
All the fat cats in the bad hats doing me a real big favor
Forgot the fat cats in the bad hats laying it on real good
When you're down and out in New York City
We Thе Best Music
I am New York, if you ain't with us, Khaled tеll em the rest
Another one
DJ Khaled

[Verse: Jadakiss]
I'm B.I.G., Prodigy, DMX and Pun
Killin' niggas for fun, nothin' iller than son
I'ma be collectin' this money long as it come

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