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Beautiful Ones

Your boy Juicy J
Yo I had to make this song with a Beautiful One
Cause it seems like all the time the beautiful one's be the most thirsty

(Hook x4)
This is for the thots
Thirsty ass hoes on me
(T H O T) x10

Take a look at her back account, shorty ain't got a dime
She only get out of bed, so she can twerk on by
Time to go get some money, baby, don't care if you popular
She think she's a model, cause she's got three thousand followers
But that don't pay your bills, that won't feed your kids
In the club every night, you think that's where she lives
Leave the kids with her momma while she go round the corner
She gon' bust it wide open, then come home without a token
Got her legs wide open, got your nose wide open
Tryna come front like she sumthin', homeboy you must be jokin'
She not worth it, she been up and down the block
Cause shorty ain't no wifey, now that's what you call a thot

(Hook x4)
This is for the thots
Thirsty ass hoes on me
(T H O T) x10

She a freak so you know she got some freak friends
Need a babysitter every single weekend
I know you know the type, so caught up in the hype
Want a man that got his own, meanwhile they sharing tights
They at all the after parties, fuckin' all the ball players
Girl, them pussy walls dead you gon' need a pallbearer
But them niggas be thirsty, they be gassin' you up
All them real niggas lookin' at you laughin' it up
I hope you wrappin' it up, give that pussy a break
All them niggas you fuckin', you never been on a date
Baby you know who you are, it's written all over your face
Go look in the mirror, point your finger and say

(Hook x4)
This is for the thots
Thirsty ass hoes on me
(T H O T) x10

The beautiful ones
I'mma toast up right now
I got some champagne
I'mma toast it up for all the beautiful ones
Cause those the really thirsty ones
So my nigga, make sure you wrap it up
And don't give these freaks all yo money
Cause they gon' take it and spend it with another nigga
Let's go

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