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Bed Bath Beyond

I Mean No Disrespect When I Get My Fresh
Let Go
I’m In My Polo Tank Top, Hold Up
Am I Supposed To Start Right Here
(Trey Laugh) Aye, Why My Blackberry Keep Clickin’ Like That
Aye Check It……..For Me

Wrap Up Ya Weave Or Ya Real Hair
And When You Lay Down To Dream I Be In It Like I Live There (Yup)
Listen To My Songz (Aye)
Before You Pass Out (Come On)
And All Night Long, Bang Ya Ass Out
Dig It Dig It Dig It Like Ya Shoveling Dirt (Dirt)
Playin’ With The Kitten While You Liftin’ Up Ya Shirt (Shirt)
Baby Let Me Lick On Dat Nipple (Yeah)
Ha Ha Ha That Tickle (Ha Haaa)
Bout To Bust A Bomb Off Turn That Damn Alarm Off

Touchin’ You, Huggin’ You, Lovin’ You, When I’m When I’m Up In You Cuttin’ You Why Would You Wanna Wake Up
If I Was In Your Dream Why Would You Wanna Wake Up
If I Was In Your Dream Why Would You Wanna Wake Up

(Second Verse)
(If) If I Touched Up On Ya Booty
(If) If I Kissed You While Ya Due Me
(If) We Make Love Like It’s A Movie
(Dream) If You Wake Up You Wanna Sue Me
I’m The, I’m The (Best), The Best The Best You Never Had
Be Lightin’ That Ass Like We Out In Baghdad
Girl Let Me Grab This Mask (Man No)
I’m Playin’ Dumb You Already Know I’m Stupid
When It Comes To The Juices
I Get A Goin’ Flow And You Can Call Me Niel River (River)
Jump Up On Ya Beat Now It’s On By A River (River)
Go Guerrilla Trigga Internet Killa (Killa)
Out My Mind It’s My Time Like Milla
I Be Ya Dream Lovers Say I Talk About Sex To Much
But, That’s Cuz I Have Sex So Much
Next To Us Is Nobody
No Nigga, No Shawty
You Got A Cold Body So Jump On That Pole For Me
I Be Goin’ Deep Then You Be Countin’ Sheep In
While Yo Ass Sleepin’, He Jump Off The Deep End (What)
Suicide It’s A Suicide (Whoa)
Slit His Wrist When I Hit His Chick (Yup)
Man How Sick Is This
I Forget The Chick Name On The Plane
Cuz Her Number Won’t Say
All I Think Of Is Trey (Trey)
August 4th Is The Day
I Can’t Remember You Baby (No)
If I’m In Ya Dream And You Wake Up You Crazy

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