Babyface - Bedtime Lyrics


Written by babyface (1997)Performed by usherCraving your body all through the nightFeels like I'm going through withdrawlsI wanna hold youI want you inside of these of these armsI'm dying to taste you, I can't denyCan't get out of my mindPlease let me hold you'cause I need your lovin' tonightWhenever I'm near youMy love just comes downWhenever I see youI just want you around'cause I wanna feel youAll through the day and the nightWhenever I'm near youIt feels like bedtimeConstantly thinking of things to do[Bedtime lyrics on http://www.elyricsworld.com]Places where we can make loveI wanna freak youI'll freak you wherever you wantPlacing my kisses all over youCaressing you so nice and slowOh how, I want youGirl there's something I want you to knowHookDo you get lonely (ooh I get lonely)Thinking about you me (thinking about you)Am I the only (girl I dream of or think of at all)Are you into meOutta your mind for meSay you can't go a day without meGirl I love youAnd I want youAnd I need you, I need you, I need youHook 2 times

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