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Before It Gets Better

There's a light that just won't go out No matter what they try to do 'Cause you can't pull out the circuits Remove the bulb or blow the fuse And it just might be the brightest star Discovered yet by man But it might as well be a pin hole From where we stand There are times when I thought It'd be easy to ignore But it just takes one look And I don't believe my theory anymore I won't get upset, I won't fight it I'd have no escape in mind But the distant roar of the highway Just won't subside So don't leave soon, don't leave this room We'll be on top of the moon but 'til then It's a bloodbath, it's a bloodbath It's a bloodbath and it's getting worse In a crowded room There are people planning our time And the next time I know when I see them They will be older and we'll be fine You can count up all of your friends Who still really know you on just one hand And the others that come around too They'll understand So don't feel bad, don't look so sad We're much more than that But for now it's a deathtrap It's a deathtrap, it's a deathtrap It's a bloodbath and it's gonna get worse And it's gonna get worse It's gonna get worse Before it gets better

Date Added: 2008-06-20
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