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Behind The Walls Remix

Mike Dean hook me up with that remix homie

[Kurupt] + (Shyne)
Burn so crooked (crooked) (Eastcoast)
The poet likes to spit (spit) (My Nigga)(Gangsta Mix)
Kareem, that's my dog (Gangsta Mix)
Life, Behind the Walls (Gangsta Mix)
Livin' life, behind the walls (Brooklyn)
Yeah, welcome to Oz niggaz, surprise niggaz..

Kurupt and Daz, grips on a handle, two to the mandible
Fo's and E's, bustas and G's
Pound and Shyne, hammer quick this for me one more
Up and Down, In and Out
Spinning Out, spinning in and out
I seen niggaz like you that usually get blasted
Cameras to remove you, lies over caskets
Open season, rhyme a reason
Crimetime, primetime, D-I-C
Young Gagstra, step in and dump on the hostages
Smoke like sausages, niggaz covering their heads like ostraches
Ostrasice, swallow like mausages..
CO so crooked (crooked)
Come equipped when the shank sticks

[Chorus One: Kurupt - Nate Dogg]
(Its Gonna be Alright) Yeah, that's my dogg
Life, Behind the Walls
Livin Life Behind the Walls
Suckers - (yall cant sleep tonight) welcome to Oz niggaz

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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