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A guy is walking around in his grave underground
Instead of sleepin′
And he′s the skill from his ma and the curse from his pa
And he′s creepin′
Benga is his name and he′s driving you insane
He′s incorporating human souls
And that′s his destiny which gives him energy
To get you out of control

When the nightmare comes
There′s a shadow goin′ round and round and round
If you call his name
When the nightmare comes
He can hear your poor heart beatin′
And he′s left your soul in pain

If he′s taking a soul on his strange night patrol
He starts walkin′
And he never feels pain, you can′t explain
There′s no talkin′
You′ll have to find the tree of his sensibility
Beat the tree instead of this guy
No more walking around in his grave underground
Now you′re satisfied


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