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The Klabautermann

I always will remember my calling destiny
A green recruit, a Seabee suit
A ship called Annie B
One night I had a dream
A voice whispering my name
A funny little man appeared
Out of the dark he came

He said that he was hungry
My bread with him I shared
"Beware!", he told me thankfully, "your vessel needs repair!
A storm is rising out at sea
Your ship cannot contend
Listen when I knock-knock-knock:
The hull you need to mend! "

They call me the Klabautermann
A few have seen my face
I come from Northern Germany
My warning do embrace
I sail the seven seas
Providing your security
Remember: When a storm appears
You'll need a man like me

I told the Captain of my dream:
"The hull it must be checked!"
He didn't heed my warning, shouting:
"Sailor, scrub the deck!"
I tried to warn the crew
But into jail then I was cast
"Another tale like that
And you'll be hanging from the mast!"

In Tripoli we landed
And I was banned from board
The Annie B., she sailed
And left me standing on the shore
Out on the horizon rolling clouds of black and grey
And every time I think of her
I still can hear him say

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