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Come to your border
Looking back into the night
Falling down on the city lights far away
Tell me the answer
"Who knows the wrong from the right ?"
The years may come and years they go
You've seen the bridges burning
And the wheels of time keep turning
Like a ship in the night
You passed along the highways of my life
And now my mind you're always in.
And the ten thirty flight
Will soon be heading my way
As she sails across the skyway of Berlin
Thought I heard your bells cry
Bringing the life to your face
The time for tears has passed away
Can't you see the night is lifting
And the sands of time are shifting

Like a ship ...

Oh, and to think of all the changes you have seen
Oh, and reflect upon the way it might have been.

Like a ship ...
James Harvest Barclay Berlin

Date Added: 2007-12-26
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