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Better Back When

[Verse 1]
We snuck in the back of that college town frat
'Cause they wouldn't let us in the front
Threw their Miller time keg in a Chevrolet bed
And we let them horses run
Cut a path through the grass yellin', "Kiss my ass"
With middle finger in the wind
We laughed, we drank, every now and then I think
Man, I'd love to do that again

Those were some good times
Those were the best nights
Thе freedom you feel when you're learnin' to fly
And thе song on the radio was singin' our lives
I can't say that the moon in the sky was shinin' any brighter than it is tonight
But it looked on fire back then
It probably wasn't
But it seemed a little better back when
[Verse 2]
Gravel out spot by the porta-John's
'Bout a quarter mile from the door
Worked three weeks for a pair of cheap seats
To hear "Never wanted nothing more"
We were feelin' that buzz from a summertime love
And a bottle tucked in a boot
It's crazy to think that lookin' back now

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Date Added: 2022-07-02
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