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Big Spill

[Verse 1]
You took a big spill
When you were leaning out your lane, babe
You contradict your appeal
And my affection for you wanes, baby
And when you take me for a ride
Your impression of me smiles through it
But your depiction isn't right until you can feel my high ruined

You took a big spill
When you were acting like you're such a big deal
It's such a shame to see your weakness distilled
Thinking you're the center of the game, babe

[Verse 2]
My lethargy builds when you're encroaching on my lane, babe
Cause you get so unreal that my imagination strains, baby
Look alive, yeah, look alive
I tell myself: "this isn't how you're gonna die"
On the ride, yeah, on the ride
You think you're empathetic getting high on my supply

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Date Added: 2022-05-22
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