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Billie Jean Dream

There's only one king homie
Ice style Ice style Ice style Ice style Ice style
Glove on the Bentley wheel
Look at how I'm spinnin
You're boy's so real
Number one in the world
Imagine how it feel
To hit up Sony for a Billion on a deal
Buy out the Beatles
Tell Paul to chill
Too ? to talk
Y'all read it in my will
Ain't no question on who's the boss
So when I give orders I can talk real soft
There's one king There's one king
There's one king There's one king
There's one king of pop
Nothin' else poppin' off
Comparin' him to me
Oh please knock it off
All of y'all emanate from one source
You try to imitate it
But you can't pull it off
Too unique with it
The pimp is sweet with it
When I'm freakin' it
It's like I'm teachin' it
The world is an apple
They see me eatin' it
Haters get to makin' up stuff
Then leakin' it
How y'all sound talkin' bout a scandal
750 mill, aw man
That's why I keep my brim real low
And a soda can filled up with Merlot
And a private jet on deck ready to go
And a hundred mill wouldn't make me wanna tow?

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The smooth criminal
Im running from the law
Cos Ive got the biggest ? that your pops ever saw
No ? on my pocket
No sons on my lap
The king wears a crown
Not a Santa Claus hat
I peel off some bills
Tell em to fall back
Its only 20 mill
Its not all that

Hold my Hold my Hold my Hold my
Hold my umbrella
Give me some support
While I dance on the roof
Of the truck at the court
Can't pull me down
I don't know what y'all thought
Think what you want
But I never got caught
K (k) I(i) N(n) G(g)
You wanna kick off on the recipe
You see paparazzi stressin' me
Cos Marie Presley is undressin' me
Dead or alive
Nobody's alive as me
? a close to lead to my prophecy
Be remembered as the greatest in history
This whole industry is my legacy

I'm something something something something
Something like a phenomenon
Something like a phenomenon
Something like a phenomenon
Something like a phenomenon
Something like a phenomenon

Yo, yo the crazy thing is
I had a dream
Michael Jackson wrote that for me in a dream
That's crazy right
Word up, I had a dream
And homeboy wrote it for me in a dream
I saw it on the paper
I just woke up and just jotted it all down
It was crazy
Yo Mike thats for you baby
I love you
From the GOAT to the King of Pop
You're the king homie
Rest in Peace

Take a look at my sales
And fix your face
Know what I mean
I'll do what I want
I'm the king
I'll put my nose on my chest if I want to

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