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Billie Jean

Fucking cut you when I see you Michael
Fucking bitch
You like being nice to your fans
You fucking faggot
I'll put a fucking veil over your kid

Michael's a faggot a pedophile pervert
He'll get murdered in jail when a shank is inserted
A blood squirts out of his nervous system
He's dressed like his sister
His face twisted like twister and twizzler
The riddler the joker his father beat him
Into a maniacal Michael a monster a creature
A thriller that fucks children with his brother Tito
And Liza Minelli in a building
A B C easy like 1 2 3 plastic surgery what has it done to me
Like dead alive your flesh is peeling
Call up Diana Ross and ask her how she's feeling
A failure down with Elizabeth Taylor
Illiterate pedophile Quincy joins male boy
Your hair caught fire you're a disease
Snuggled up with little kids, balloon fights in trees

You rock dishwashing gloves
Michael you queer
You Fucking faggot
The Jackson 5 raped Janet
With cubic zirconia's
Fucked his own mother
Hanging babies off the balcony

[Mr Hyde]
Faggot pedophile bitch you sleep with pre teens
Unzip the lee jeans and lick their feces
The dirty he-she who don't want to be seen
In capes because your face looks like refried beans
Having filthy orgies with your boy Corey
And Felton who ran trains on little Macaulay
Braws on your chest testicle molester
I'm willing to bet you're having sex with Webster
Catching your kids cock sucking Evelyn
Butt fucking his boy fans rocking peter pan pants
Jerking germaine off with his jery curl juice
Its off the wall mike your ass hole's loose
Toby ??? harass ??? giving up your ass
A vertical gash with a surgical mask
Suicidal in your cell you'll be hanging from a sheet
Buried with your fucking monkey 6 feet deep

You made Emmanuel Lewis your girlfriend
Who sleeps in the woods
Gary Coleman
Moon Walking on coal
You sucked macaulays dick
And a chimps
You suck dick little baby dick
Baby cock
You fucked Elton john
You baby dick sucker

Jo Jackson beat you
You better dance like james brown faggot in red leather pants
You're made up vitaligo you're a liar you albino
You fuck little kids pedo-Michael
40yr old 10 yr old disowned by his own family
For touching 3 yr old boys
Robbed Mccarthy of his catalog
That piece of shit tranny that moon walks and eats logs
Latoya's disgusted even though Latoya's busted
She must feel ripped off he fucks kids
He's guilty ate Casey Casems ass from band stand
I can't stand the mans past
From black and white a pointy nose
A kabuki grill Robotic nobody knows
Except jimmy jam and terry Lewis
They all 3 fucked each other to make new hits

You got faggot?
We got your sparkling gloves and diapers
Shit eater
Michael is a queered piece of shit pedophile faggot
Under the covers with kids
Artificial Insemination queer
Barbera Walters played you!
Like fucking Tito
Precisilla hates you!

[Mr Hyde]
You bleached your face white kid
Spackled it with liquid
Michael you sick kid what happened to your pigment?
Near Transparent, every bodies staring
Your chest's filled with kids that runaway from parents
You get inside of kids beds with a little thong
What you mean by Billie jean is little Billy John
You realized fast that little kids hated sex
But you bribed them with cds and some raisenettes
You boy scout leader kitty cock pleader
You walk down the street looking like a tricker treater
Fucking fag flamer homo tiger tamer
Blowing sig fried in a cryogenic chamber
The man in your mirror is old, you ain't young
I think of you I get sick and I have take tums
Mike you're an alien with a sparkled hat on
Elvis' daughter fucked you with a strap on

[Hook & Closing]
The inmates are gonna get you!
Fucking pedophile
Albert Fishers white son!
You back Stabber
You should fucking die
You suck pische!
Quincy's by-son on demoral
Your fucking getting cut
White doody balls
Suck your own condoms
You wear latoya's jock strap
Thats right
Phony bitch
Fucking pedofile piece of shit your'e guilty
Dance in jail
Fucking guilty
Fuck you
You swallow balloons filled with shit!
Your dead
Janette's a whore!
Thats right Michael
Your done
Your family's dead
Fucking pedofile
Oxy ten
Your dead
Fuck you
Fuck you mike
You have woman hair!

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